Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Appeal postponed to 26th June

Ayat Al-Gormezi's appeal has been to the 26th of June. We urge you to pray for her and contact human rights organisations requesting for their immediate intervention and to place increased pressure on the Bahraini government. 

Sample letter you may use:

To whom it may concern,

RE: Ayat Al-Gormezi’s appeal on 26th June

I write this to you with the time being of critical essence as many people in Bahrain are being trialled and sentenced for committing absolutely no crime at all. As a renowned human rights organisation I am sure you receive requests for your immediate intervention and action, however Ayat Al-Gormezi’s case is one that requires special attention. She is in dire need of your assistance. 

On the 12th of March, Ayat Al-Gormezi, a poet and student at the faculty of teachers in Bahrain, recited a poem
slamming the Al Khalifa regime for their brutality, injustice and lack of democracy. Some of the key issues she highlighted in her poem was the pain suffered by the oppressed pro-democracy Bahrainis as a result of the suppressive Al-Khalifa regime.
An excerpt of her poem (translated from Arabic):

“We do not wish to live in a palace nor do we yearn for leadership,We are a nation that slays humiliation and assassinates misery,We are a nation that demolishes injustice peacefully from its foundations,We are a nation that doesn’t want this nation to remain at a constant setback”

As a result, Ayat Al-Gormezi has been subjected to much torture, harassment, defamation, intimidation and threats of rape and murder. On March 30th Ayat gave herself up to the police after they threatened to kill her brothers. She has been detained since. The Military court in Bahrain sentenced her to one year in prison for reading out a poem on the 12th of June 2011. On the 20th of June she was moved to a prison for major offences to stay alongside murderers, rapists, prostitutes and drug addicts –for what crime?!

Her appeal has been scheduled for the 26th of June and we request your immediate intervention to ensure that she is released.  
We urge you to help Ayat and the many other Bahrainis in similar positions and also the pro-democracy individuals who fear the same fate.

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Yours faithfully,


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