Monday, 13 June 2011

Ayat al-Ghormezi's poem: Khalifa

By Ayat al-Ghormezi
Translated from the Arabic by Ghias Aljundi with Mitchell Albert (PEN)

Hear me: 
You, the elder,
the "good man", who "safeguards justice"
(so you have always declared),

if I were to make excuses for you,
I, for you, for the things you have done,
I would only look the fool,
for you would continue in your ways, 
and murder us as "traitors".

Hear me:
Hear us all,
for we all demand likewise - both sects, all Bahrainis:
You must go. 
Take His Majesty with you, 
and leave your deeds behind.

You, oppressor, 
from where do you derive your power,
the power to keep your people down? – 
all your people,
even women 
even children 
even men. 

Yet you call for "dialogue", 
even in the midst of your brutality?
No! ...
No! ...

One word: No!
One demand:
Give us back our Bahrain. 
Return this country to its people; 
to us, its people.
Our Bahrain is ours.
1Khalifa (Arabic): Prime Minister

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