Sunday, 3 July 2011

Current situation and new charges

Today was Ayat’s scheduled visit where she was able to meet with her parents.

Ayat was shocked to learn that her hearing, scheduled for the 02nd of July, had been cancelled without any given justification, especially since she was hoping that the appeal would reduce her one year sentence in view of the fact that she had been transferred to prison for major offences. She has been suffering from depression, due to homesickness, and has been residing in cells alongside criminals. 

Ayat complained to her parents about how badly she is being treated and how she is deprived of basic necessities such as washing soap and water to break her fast with. Her family fear that Ayat has been treated badly not only by the prison guards but also by other inmates with political motivations.

Once again, Ayat’s lawyer complained about not being able to meet with Ayat to go through the evidence and statements. The lawyer added that the hearing could be cancelled as the attorney general might want to add a number of other charges; one of which states that Ayat and her friends were led by senior opposition leader, Hassan Mushaima, to topple the regime. She denies this however if the charges are added then Ayat could be transferred back to the interrogation prison, where she had spent days of torture after she was arrested on June 30th.

Her brother says the situation is not clear and no one knows what will happen next.

Ayat has been sentenced to one year in prison for a crime she did not commit, rather for simply expressing her opinion in a poem she recited during a pro-democracy rally in Bahrain.    

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