Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Enter Ayat for 'Freedom to Create' prize

Freedom to Create supports programmes and projects around the world that unleash 
people’s creativity.

Freedom to Create focuses on regions of the world where there is the greatest need to change mindsets and build capacity to fight the intolerance and conflict that prevents creativity from flourishing. But in many societies, political repression and intolerance inhibits creative expression, especially for women like Ayat. Artists, like Ayat Al-Gormezi, play an important role in breaking these barriers and championing political freedom. 
The Freedom to Create Prize celebrates the courage and creativity of artists who use their talents to build social foundations and inspire the human spirit. Artists and poets like Ayat take risks to play an important role as positive change agents.
The imprisoned artist’s prize is presented to artists who are imprisoned because of their courage and creativity in pursuing their art, and the role of their work in highlighting injustice. There will be less emphasis placed on the artists work and more on the personal courage demonstrated by them, the message conveyed through their work and its impact. The prize of US$25,000 is awarded to one winner, to be directed towards securing the artist's release, advocating on behalf of them and their cause and offering support to their family.

Surely no one is more deserving of this prize then Ayat Al-Gormezi who faces torture, imprisonment and detention as a result using her talent in poetry to stand up and speak out against the suppressive Al-Khalifa regime.

Enter AYAT AL-GORMEZI for the prize -
This will take some 10 – 15 minutes, we urge you to do this for the sake of Ayat, for the sake of freedom and for the sake of justice for Bahrain.

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