Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Update on Ayat

Posted on the Justice for Bahrain facebook group by Mohammed Sadiq today, 21/06/11

Ayat's family went to visit her in prison this morning having been told that they could come, but when they arrived at the gates they were told that they can not see her because they didn't register for the visit and the reason they called them was to register for the next visit. However, after her family protested, they manged to see her for 5 minutes only and were constantly accompanied by a prison guard. Her brother that the prison guard was listing to every word and kept interrupting in the conversation, so they could not ask her about her treatment in the prison she had recently moved to, especially that this prison is for criminals who serving sentences for murder, drugs, prostitution etc. Her brother also noted that his sister had lost a lot of weight.

Her brother stated, regarding the video featured yesterday on Bahrain TV showing Ayat apologizing for reading her poem, that it was recorded during her torture period. The video is actually 20 minutes  long and the officials only showed 1 minute. 

Ayat's appeal is tomorrow.
 We urge you to pray for her and contact human right organisations to put pressure on the Bahraini government to release her as she should not even be in prison since she has committed NO crime.

Ayat was told her about the global support and solidarity for her case and she sends her salutes and thanks every one who helped in her campaign.

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  1. where is America the so called human rights country, why has it not fought for the right of this innocent girl.. what is there pathetic political reason? A poem about freedom to live in justice now lands you in jail.. then millions of people all over the world should start heading up for jail time. What down right unfairness.!!!!