Monday, 27 June 2011

Latest on Ayat Appeal and the campaign

Ayat appeal hearing has adjourned to 3rd July; her lawyer said the hearing adjourned because the first appeal was for the Court to submit its case and the second hearing of the defense to present his statement.

Ayat appeal was first put forward by her family on her one year sentence and so the prosecutor appealing to tougher sentence.

Attorney-General has provided new charges, participating in demonstrations and marches, the Attorney general want also to press charges the students from her collage to be prosecuted for following Ayat steps .

The prosecutor asked for severe penalty and said that this provision any one year is not enough.

The court only allowed her mother to attend the hearing and could not meet Ayat in person, the Lawyer always complain of not allowing her access to a Ayat to take her statement.

The hearing fall on the schedule visit day, so her parents accompanied by two other member of the her family went for the visit under the watchful eyes of the guards who were monitoring every move and words exchanged between Ayat and her family and instructed them to not whisper, and her family was threatened that the visit will be cancelled if they continue speaking to Ayat in low voice.

The campaign against Ayat has been escalate, in particular that on Saturday night there was a program in a channel Scoop TV (Private Kuwaiti owned) accusing Ayat of insulting the kings and his family and one phone in was Bahrini MP who is calling harsher punishment of at least 25 years to be give to Ayat for simply reading a poem in a country that been proud to be one of democratic state in the Gulf , others who contacted the program has falsely accused Ayat for inciting haters which led two Sunni girls been kidnapped in retaliation to Ayat sentence, her brother Said that these claim are a lies to fulfil the interest of the escalation of the issue ..

We demand an independent visit from the human rights organizations to Ayat Al-Gormezi to act as fact finding to determine if Ayat trial had the full legal process and should been tried at the civilian court and not military court, according to her Lawyer she complain for not allowing her to have access freely to a Ayat to take her statements.

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  1. Ayat's appeal hearing (scheduled for 3rd July) has now been cancelled and the reason remains unkown.